There is an old saying that a picture can speak a thousand words. My name is Sebastian, I am a wedding, family and portrait photographer based in Wrexham. I am passionate about capturing those special milestones that serve as the bookmarks to the stories of our lives.

Life is a journey and along the way we are blessed with extraordinary and unique moments that deserve to be documented but are so easily lost in time forever. It is when these individual journey’s collide that life is at it’s most exciting. Family celebrations, Weddings, Civil Ceremonies, pregnancy or the arrival of a new baby. These are all iconic events that shape who we are and tell tales of love, happiness, vulnerability and strength.

I pride myself on my unobtrusive approach to photography and believe this is the only way to capture an image 100% truthful to the moment it was taken in. My candid style instinctively seeks that impulsive glance, smile or touch in it’s most natural state. I favour the intimate feel of the black and white image but also have an appreciation of where the use of colour has it’s place.

A camera shouldn’t be merely a photocopier of life, producing soulless representations of moments where raw emotion once existed. I see a camera as an incredible tool that when used intuitively can produce an image that can bring a smile to the face, a tear to the eye and speak far more than a thousand words.